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Why are prevue assessments effective?

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A Prevue Assessment is a tool that can assess the capabilities, the interests and the personality of a candidate. What makes prevue unique is the fact that it has the capacity to create benchmarks for employment.

There are a total of 20 scales across which these profiles are based. This makes for an ideal profile for employment. A business is able to recognize the exact type of candidate they are looking for to fill specific posts and suit the environment of the company. With prevue assessment, the user can even look at candidates who can play a role in the company’s future.

So what exactly is Prevue Assessment?

The abilities, the personality and the motivations of acandidate are gauged by aprevue assessment. The assessment is done keeping these parameters in mind:

  • Motivation and interests – how the candidate will function with other people, the data and other factors
  • Abilities – whether they are numerical, spatial or verbal; these factors are considered in giving a general guideline on the ability of the candidate
  • Personality – there are 12 scales involved in this section; independence, extraversion, conscientiousness, stability.

The subscales measure of the prevue assessment

  • Innovation
  • Organisation
  • Co-operation
  • Group orientation
  • Assertiveness
  • Outgoingness
  • Excitability
  • Poise

Another factor that is assessed is the social desirability of the person. This is to find out if the individual is able to give a favourable impression of himself to others.

What are the benefits of the prevue assessment?

The assessment is beneficial as it makes sure that the businesses get the correct candidates to fill the suitable posts in the company. The candidate is considered objectively to gauge the main development requirements of the company.

The ‘3 versions in 1 assessment’ is as follows:

  • Full- the interests, the abilities, the personality traits and motivation are measured
  • Numerical reasoning – this requires the assessment of working with numbers, the personality traits, the interests and motivations
  • Personality only – here, only the personality traits are measured

A useful representation of the requirements of the position is found in custom benchmarks. These act together with other procedure such as the job outline and other capabilities.

Coaching and training

Management can also take the help of prevue to check out areas of training and coaching that could enhance the performance of the existing employees. Prevue can even decide what kind of instruction is suitable for that person.

Mapping out succession

When you determine which job in your organization is best suited to a particular person, you are in a better position to plan succession. When the individuals range of job benchmarks are compared, you can decide which talent meets which needs. You can even assess which skills a particular person requires to grow into, to take on a new role.

There is little doubt that Prevue Assessment adds value to a company. It not only reduces the employee turnover, but the recruitment costs are improved too. What you get in the end is an overall improved performance.

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