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What are the Different Types of Control System?

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There are two types of control systems relying on the setup of systems:

  • Open loop control systems
  • Closed loop control systems

Open loop control systems

Open loop control systems are systems with no responses which imply those systems in which the output has no result on the control action.

An open-loop control system takes input under consideration as well as doesn’t react on the feedback to acquire the result. This is why it is likewise called a non-feedback control system

  • Input: the excitation related to the system from an external resource to obtain a result is called an input signal.
  • Control system: it is a plan or a combination of different physical elements, likewise known as the sub-systems linked in such a fashion to achieve an output.
  • Control activity: it is a quantity that is accountable for triggering the system.
  • Output: the real system acquire from the system is called an output signal.

Instances of Open Loop Control System

  • Electric Hand Drier: Warm air appears as long as you keep your hand under the maker; it doesn’t matter if your hand is dry or not dry.
  • Automatic Washing Machine: This maker runs according to the pre-set time irrespective of cleaning is completed or otherwise.
  • Bread Toaster oven: This device runs as per adjusted time irrespective of toasting is completed or otherwise.
  • Automatic Tea/Coffee Maker: These devices likewise operate on pre-adjusted time.

Timer Based Clothing Drier: This equipment dries out wet clothes for pre-adjusted time; it does not matter how much the clothes are dried out.

  • Light Switch: Lamps glow whenever light switch gets on irrespective of light is called for or not.
  • Volume on Stereo: Volume is changed manually regardless of outcome volume level.

Shut loop control systems

A shut loop system is additionally referred to as a responsive control system. A system in which the control action depends on the result is called a closed loop system. In a closed-loop system, the output is continuously checked as well as adapted to the called for worth by the system.

Instances of Closed Loop Control System

  • Automatic Electric Iron: Burner is managed by outcome temperature level of the iron.
  • Voltage Stabilizer: Voltage controller runs depending upon the output voltage of the system.
  • Water Level Controller: The water level of the tank regulates input water.
  • Rocket Launched and Automobile Tracked by Radar: The instructions of the rocket are controlled by comparing the target and setting of the missile.
  • An Air Conditioner: An A/C functions relying on the temperature of the room.

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