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The Luxembourg company register and registration requirements

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The Luxembourg company register contains the names of all companies registered in Luxembourg and basic information about them. This register has the name of Trades and Companies Register (Registre de Commerce et des Sociétés) and it’s an official database with all the companies registered in Luxembourg and individuals engaged in trade activities.

The legal basis for the Luxembourg company register consists of the amended law from 19th December 2002 on the Luxembourg Trades and Companies Register, company accounts and financial statements; the amended Grand-Ducal regulation from the 23rd of January 2003 concerning the law from 19th December 2002 on the Luxembourg Trades and Company Register, company accounts an financial statements and the ministerial regulation from 27th May 2016 concerning the presentation criteria and documents form published into the Trades and Company Register.

As a constantly updated database, the Luxembourg company register provides information to third parties such as authorities, bank, business partners, investors and other interested parties. By making essential information regarding Luxembourg companies to traders, the Luxembourg company register can be considered a useful tool to conduct safer business transactions. All companies incorporated in Luxembourg are required to register with the Luxembourg company register.

Company registration with the Luxembourg company register

A newly-formed company can be registered with the Luxembourg company register after the Articles of Association are drafted and notarized. The documentation is sent to the register, as well as any other subsequent changes made to the Articles of Association. Registration is mandatory for all types of companies registered in Luxembourg.

If a company is registered without the help of a notary, the company founders must send the document to the Luxembourg company register for publication within a month since the documents were signed. However, if the company is incorporated with the help of a notary, then the notary is the one who will send the documents for registration.

Who is required to register with the Luxembourg company register?

All natural and legal entities included in the following categories are required to register with the Luxembourg company register :

  • Commercial companies and their subsidiaries;
  • Mutual insurance company associations;
  • Economic interest groups and their subsidiaries;
  • Subsidiaries incorporated in Luxembourg by any commercial or civil companies, economic groupings and European economic interest groupings subject to foreign legislation;
  • Retailers and their subsidiaries;
  • Luxembourg subsidiaries of retailers established abroad;
  • Civil societies.

Access to information available in the Luxembourg company register

Certain information available in the Luxembourg company register can be accessed online, without any charges. The basic information listed about companies registered includes the name of the company and its business structure, the registered address of the company; the trade register number and the date of registration.

Individuals or legal entities can have access to more detailed information if they pay additional fees. The information that can be accessed by paying a fee includes financial reports, information about the company’s shareholders and directors and other information that is publicly available about a certain company. To search for a company in the Luxembourg company register, it’s necessary to know a company’s name or its registration number.

Submission and publication in the Luxembourg company register

The incorporation deed for limited liability companies, partnerships, special partnerships, corporate joint ventures, civil societies and cooperative companies must be sent and published in full, as well as any amendments made to the deeds.

Deeds concerning special partnerships, partnerships and standard limited partnerships are published only as extracts.

Entrepreneurs and legal entities that intend to incorporate in Luxembourg should acquire the services of a firm specialized in Luxembourg company formation who can handle all the legal requirements and the registration process and provide any further assistance.

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