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Softbox Announces IQPC Partnership

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The 15th Annual Global Forum in Chicago, Illinois saw Softbox – the climate-controlled shipping experts – announce a partnership with IQPC, a key organiser of events designed to suit the business need throughout the world.

Softbox Systems is a world leader in cold chain packaging. It provides clients with suitable and innovative packaging materials to keep vital products are the desired temperature throughout the logistical move.

Among the biggest customers Softbox Systems has lies in the Life Sciences industry sector. Biological matter, living tissues, blood samples and vaccines are developed and transported under strict conditions to the point of arrival.

It is during this transport process that the product must be kept at a certain temperature and cannot stray from it, else the product can be damaged irreparably. Often, the Life Sciences sector have requirements to move large shipments. Consignments can be several hundred pallet loads.

Softbox Systems – A World Leader in Cold Chain Packaging

Softbox Systems uses a pallet in pallet shipping process to ensure all of the consignment is kept at the optimum temperature or is climate-controlled throughout its entire journey. Softbox has been at the heart of designing and distributing sensitive products around the world for more than 20 years. Its products are high performance, good quality and dynamic for the life science and pharma industries.

The 15th Annual Global Forum in Chicago

Softbox has announced that it will proudly present the 15th Annual Global Forum when it takes place in September 25-29.

The venue for the conference will be held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel on McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois. Also, in attendance at the conference will be some 800-plus delegates from the life science industry.

Softbox Systems will be featured in the huge exhibition hall (Expo Hall), where technology, industrial solutions and cold chain packaging examples will be displayed. At the conference itself, there are expected to be over 100 speakers and experts in the field. The sponsors will showcase cost-reducing strategies, industry standards that are seemingly always shifting and risk management.

The advice will be crucial to businesses as it will help to ensure total compliance, cost savings, high quality and product integration. All key factors in running a successful business in a complex and demanding sector of industry.


IQPC has developed more than 1,500 business events all over the world. Its networks span over six continents and a wealth of knowledge in providing business seminars and conferences.

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