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Signs Your Warehouse May Be Dangerous

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Warehouse safety is mandatory for any company or organization. This is irrespective of the nature of goods stored inside the warehouse. Incorporating these safety measures not only ensures that your products are stored in excellent condition, but it also guarantees the safety of your workers. If unfortunately, a worker gets injured working in your warehouse then you risk facing expensive lawsuits. To avoid all these complications, it is best that you adhere to warehouse safety protocols.

There are many potential dangers in a warehouse. However, most of them usually result from shelving or racking systems. This is because warehouses are mainly used to store goods. Therefore, there will be frequent loading and off-loading of commodities.

To ensure that your workers and goods are safe, here are warning signs that your warehouse maybe dangerous. Note that we have mainly focused on signs of danger on the shelving systems.

  1. Insufficient Spacing between Shelves

One big mistake that most warehouse managers make is prioritizing on space other than safety. Quite often, you will find most warehouses with very tiny spaces between shelves or racks. This might help you store more goods, but it is a potential danger. Insufficient spacing between shelves could cause a lot of traffic especially when goods are being loaded. This also increases the chances of workers knocking off goods as they move around the warehouse.

  1. Failure to Organize Loads According to Weight

Another warning sign of danger in your warehouse is the failure to organize loads according to weight. It is best if the heaviest loads are placed on the lower shelves and the lightest ones at the top. No matter how sturdy your racking system is, placing heavy objects at the top could endanger everyone working in the warehouse. The load might accidentally fall, and the damage could be catastrophic. Also, you should be familiar with the centre of gravity of the racks. This helps avoid the shelves from falling backward or forward.

  1. Cluttering on The Shelves

Clutter on the shelves can also result in accidents. It is mandatory that the shelves in a warehouse to be decluttered. This will ensure easy placement and removal of goods from the shelf. Presence of clutter could result in the poor placement of goods.

  1. Poor Lighting

When your warehouse is poorly lit, your workers can have a hard time arranging items on the shelves. This can be quite inconveniencing and dangerous. Your workers don’t need to gamble or guess where the shelves are.

  1. Loads Stacked Too High

High ceilings are a common characteristic of most warehouses. This, however, does not imply that you install shelves to the point that they are a few inches from the ceiling. Stacking too high is quite dangerous. You might see it as a good option since you are utilizing on space. But it can be quite dangerous.

Does your warehouse feature any of the above signs? If the answer is yes, then it is high time you make immediate changes to your warehouse shelving system. The above signs indicate potential danger in your warehouse. And, it is not worth risking the safety of your workers or goods. Conducting thorough inspection on your shelves will also ensure they remain in perfect condition.

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