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Securing Data to Protect Your Business

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You can invest in firewalls and data encryptors that would make Bill Gates blush, but online data is only ever going to come with so much protection. There is always going to be the risk of a hacker or an unattended recycling bin where anyone could reach in and take a document containing classified bank details. Paper shredding should not be seen as a step backwards. Far from it. If anything, you’re increasing the security of your data disposal. But rather than take on the responsibility yourself, you should contact a professional paper shredding service. There is various highly-esteemed paper shredding services in London that you can call on. And these are the reasons why.


Many workplace protocols will prohibit full pieces of paper from going into recycling for the reasons stated above. And even if you shred into a separate bag, there have been previous risks of people stealing the bag for malicious purposes. And rather than creating yet another mountain of rubbish that needs sorting, you can rely on a professional service who will ensure that both shredding and recycling take place within a closed building protected by security procedures. All aspects of the process – collection, destruction, paper baling and recycling – through documented custody.

Safeguarding Reputation and Reducing Liability

Integrity and trust are key aspects of any business. Customers will want know they can trust you with their personal data, but that won’t be possible if it’s all over Facebook. A reputation takes a lifetime to build and a single scandal to destroy. Using professional shredders with suitable transport, GPS tracking and a strict procedure will shield you from any bad publicity, assuring clients that you are taking every necessary step to safeguard their data.

Costs You’ll Save

While you could do the process yourself, scoping and finding the right equipment can be financially strenuous. You’ve got to have the right shredder machine, disposable bags and have someone on hand to perform maintenance repairs should they arise. By outsourcing to a specialised team, you will be saving yourself a fair bit of money.

Increasing Productivity

Getting the shredding underway is not what you would consider a strenuous task. But when you think about all the jobs involved such as removing the paper clips and staples, straightening the paper, taking care of the occasional jam, and making sure that the paper is secure etc. It can feel quite exhausting, especially when there are other, more productive tasks that demand your attention. Whatever job you hired your employees to do, the job description probably didn’t come with the requirement, ‘must be able to shred documents.’ Place the documents in collection containers so that the task can be tended to by the shredding service and your employees can get back to generating revenue for your business.

Protection of your data is a high priority, especially if you don’t want to incur the wrath of GDPR laws. But with a capable shredding service, you are offloading a necessary task while maintaining the integrity of your business.

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