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Larson & Holz – overview of broker services

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In our time on the network you can find information about any company. The same applies to the reviews. Positive, or negative, but there are many. And whether they are true, this only remains to be guessed. We all perfectly understand that any review can be simply bought. The result is the following, it is necessary to verify the veracity of the information. Looking through the rating of brokerage companies, we accidentally got the company Larson & Holz. But since it is present in the ratings, it means that it must have branches. This is logical. Now let’s move on to the main thing. To the review of Larson & Holz. Consider its advantages and disadvantages.

In the sphere of providing brokerage services, Larson & Holz was, and remains, the leader in the quality of customer service. This is two confirmations. The company is on the first place of the majority of rating agencies. And plus to this a huge amount of positive feedback. And if the second is not so important, then the rating is made not on the basis of design and design of the pages of the official site. Hence, there is something in the company, since it takes a leading position in authoritative agencies.

The company Larson & Holz was founded in 2004. A few years later, due to the popularity of trading in Russia, the first representative offices in major cities were opened. The network of offices gradually expanded, covering vast territories. This was directly promoted by the partnership program. This, in our opinion, is one of the most interesting moments of the company. The marketing department really showed how to work with clients and partners. Any company could envy this program. The fact is that the marketing department did not limit itself to banal distribution of referral links. The company did not become obsessed with this, and offered its future partners such conditions that they could not refuse. The first thing that Larson & Holz paid attention to is that many customers are not averse to opening their partner companies. The question was the complexity of legal issues, and ignorance of the principles of the partner centers. And why not go to customers to meet, and not help in the creation and promotion of the partner center? The marketing department of the company has developed a program of assistance to customers. This made it easier for interested partners. It’s always easier to do business when you are a professional with your business. Now the client has only to select a premise for the future office, and to collect a small base of his clients. All other concerns, the company takes care of. And even helps with finances that remain on the balance of the partner center. Agree, unique conditions. There are no other brokers who could offer such.

The next service is binary options. The company introduced special plug-ins and scripts into the trading terminal, which allow trading options directly from MetaTrader4. This is a big advantage, as other brokers offer unfinished trading platforms. The trading terminal of Larson & Holz has all the trading tools that are included in the standard trading set. In addition, you can add your own. This is also not available from other brokers. And what is especially convenient is the opening of a demo account for binary options. Now any binary can test any of its systems. And open an unlimited number of demo accounts.

A unique, in our opinion, service is a no-deposit account. The client opens an account of this type, and when opening a no deposit account in the trading terminal, he meets $ 100. More than real. This money is meant for trading. It turns out, the client does not risk anything. You can not enter your own money. All the profits received above $ 100, the customer takes himself. What is the sense of the company to give money for trading a client? Even if the trader has to bargain and lose money, they will still remain in the company. Well, the trader receives as a prize all the profits. The benefit is mutual. On the one hand, the company acts as an investor. And the investor, this is a trader, let him begin. But there is one drawback. Insignificant, of course. 100 dollars for trade are given only for three days. We talked with the company’s support, and they assured that the marketing department is working to increase the term of trading on a no-deposit account. Let’s hope that in the near future we will be able to trade for at least a week.

The next advantage of the company is the periodic introduction of new services. And at the same time, the completion of existing ones. At the moment, new systems for obtaining bonuses are introduced. It seems that customers get bonuses for any movement. There is even a loyalty program for Larson & Holz crypto customers. This program also operates in partner centers. And even in partner companies operating under the jurisdiction of Larson and Holz IT Ltd.

 Well, technical support of the company. No request, opened by the client of the company, remains unresolved. Even if it is negative. But these are very few. And open their regular pessimists. There is such kind of clients which like everything suits, but at the same time, nothing suits.

The broker is aimed to work for several decades. The company on such a scale certainly is not an ordinary kitchen. The company is recognized by many communities, which also indicates a positive outcome for the client.

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