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How To Use Metal Detector To Find Gold Nuggets

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You’ve probably seen them: those people who walk up and down beaches with metal detectors over the sand. There are lots of people who do this as a fun hobby, some people actually make money finding lost rings and watches in the sand. Metal detectors are useful for doing more than finding lost jewellery, most of the nuggets found these days are found using metal detectors.

In the olden days prospecting for gold was done with rudimentary tools like pickaxes, shovels and pans. Technology and the advancements of metal detectors has opened up new possibilities. You could still do it the old fashioned way, dig and pan and hope you’ll come across a gold nugget (assuming you know what you are doing). The truth is you need a metal detector to know where to dig and find that gold nugget.

There are different kinds of metal detectors on the market. They range in price from $100 to $1,500. Most of them work the same way. They have an electromagnetic coil at the base. This coil scans the ground for metals like gold. When a metal is detected, they give off an audible sound to alert the user. There are metal detectors specifically made to detect gold. These cost more than the standard versions that can be used to detect jewellery at the beach so if you are looking to find and sell gold nuggets, you need to be prepared to spend a lot of money for these.

Induction Balance Metal detectors :

With induction balance detectors, the electromagnetic energy goes up and down in the coil. This makes them more sensitive to the smallest gold nuggets.  

Pulse Induction Metal detectors:

These types of detectors have energy being sent to the coil in short bursts. This turns the coil on and off rapidly. They are good at finding large gold nuggets buried deep in the ground. These are the same type of metal detectors that large scale mining companies use to find chunks of gold underneath the ground.

When shopping for a metal detector you will be presented with either a concentric coil or a widescan coil. Concentric coils can locate minerals that are deeply embedded under the ground better than widescan coils than can detect general mineralization. Widescan coils work better at finding gold nuggets that are just close to the surface. They are actually better at it than the concentric coils which is why a lot of prospectors prefer using them to hunt for gold nuggets.

Once you have decided on the metal detector that will suit your needs and your budget you should get earphones with a good sound resolution. You might want to carry a small shovel or a claw tool to move soil and rocks around. You should also get a canister to keep your nuggets in and a small towel to keep you metal detector clean.

Familiarise yourself with the metal detector before you go out on a major prospecting trip. Read the instruction manual carefully and try out your metal detector in your backyard before you go hunting for actual gold and hopefully you can make some cash once sell gold nuggets!

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