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How to Cultivate a Collaborative Work Environment

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This may sound like a surprise to some people, but creating a fruitful and dynamic work environment isn’t as difficult as it seems. The keys to the success of any venture are harmony, solidarity, and the willingness to compromise. Finding a spot where you and your collaborators can attain these keys is as equally important, because one’s surroundings play a huge role in how one thinks, how one feels — and, in this particular situation, how one interacts with others in that particular environment. If you’re looking for a neat, comfortable co-working space, check out

Start by looking for the right people for your project. Remember that it isn’t enough that their respective backgrounds fit into your goals and objectives well. PhDs, MBAs, and an impressive work portfolios are great, but if the team just can’t seem to see eye-to-eye when it comes to the collective vision of your project, everyone’s individual effort won’t mean much in the end.  Chemistry is key in ensuring not just the success of your project, but also the possibility of every member of the team coming together for future projects. As the great writer Rudyard Kipling once said, “For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack.”

After the team has been assembled, everyone needs to agree on a place where you can meet regularly to check up on the plan, share ideas, and set goals and objectives for the project — all while enjoying each other’s company. Since all that brainstorming will surely exhaust you, why not come together in a working space that offers a wide selection of refreshments to keep you fired up throughout the day? Common Desk is not just a stone’s throw away from restaurants that offer delicious and hearty meals, but also a place that serves up different kinds of fuel to keep you going — from beer to coffee, you name it, they have it!

Finally, come together to discuss your plan of action and set reasonable expectations for your project and from each other. stresses the importance of breaking the ice, noting that having everyone share something about themselves to the group is important in discovering more about the members of the team. Once that common ground has been established among everyone, lay the foundation of the project. It’s imperative that strengths and weaknesses are determined during this first meeting, so everyone can work towards an agreeable compromise that will not prove detrimental to the project later down the road, but will serve instead as a guideline for the project.

Despite the unavoidable rockiness at the start of any venture, things will eventually run smoother, so long as everyone wholeheartedly agrees to stay on the same page. Staying on the same page also entails staying prepared for any and all problems and conflicts that will inevitably arise down the road. That’s pretty much everything anyone needs to cultivate and maintain a healthy collaborative work environment.

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