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Five Innovative Ways To Use Storage Unit Space

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Storage units are commonly used for storing extra stuff. When your attic is overflowing or you are moving to a smaller apartment they are great for storing extra furniture and other paraphernalia until you can decide what to do with it. But storing stuff is by no means the only use for storage units.

Becoming creative and innovative with a storage unit can be fun and exciting and the many possibilities are many. Lest take a look at a few ideas from other people that have found unconventional uses for storage units.

1. Create Your Own Gym

If you are not a fan of crowded gyms, either store furniture from one of the rooms you no longer use in a storage unit or use the storage unit itself as gym space. While space is not huge, it can easily take a yoga mat and a few small pieces of gym equipment such as dumbbells. With a perfectly set up home gym, you can walk in and start exercising immediately without having to move furniture around to make space. Depending on the type of unit and whether the owner will allow the space to be used in this way, a storage unit will make an ideal space for a workout.

2. Create an Emergency Cache

A storage unit is an ideal space to keep your emergency supplies instead of taking up room in your garage, basement, or attic. Emergency cache experts advise that the key to successful emergency planning lies in storing supplies in places other than your home so that you can access them when an emergency strikes.
In fact, a storage unit can even be used as a temporary shelter for you and your family if your home is destroyed by floods or a hurricane. A genius idea is to keep an empty storage unit where you can drop off important documents and items when you need to flee your home due to a tornado, hurricane or tsunami warning. This is of particular value to residents of beachside towns that are located in typical disaster areas.

3. A Music Practice Studio

Depending on the rules, a storage unit can make a great band practice studio. If your family and the neighbors are tired of hearing you practice your music instrument late at night, a storage unit can be a great place to practice undisturbed.
Musical instruments are bulky and awkward and can take up a lot of space at home. A storage unit is an ideal place to keep them safe and accessible for practice. Some owners of storage units even have special sound-proof units available for the use of musicians to rehearse and record their music.

4. An Art Gallery or Art Studio

A storage unit is an ideal place to store your art. If your home is overflowing with your artistic creations or the artwork of a budding child artist, a storage unit is an excellent solution. In fact, the walls of a storage unit can be turned into an art gallery where you can display your best works and even invite potential buyers to come and view an exhibition.

If there is enough airflow you can even turn a storage unit into an art studio. It is also a great place to store your art supplies and other equipment that artists need for their creations.

5. Personal Space

A storage unit makes a perfect man cave for hobbies that are too large to do at home. It is a perfect place to indulge in some private meditation or yoga. It can also be turned into a great space where you can work on a project or just fix your bike without being disturbed. It can be used as a personal space where you can take time out to collect your thoughts, brainstorm a new idea, or play loud computer games without disturbing anyone. If you are a toy train enthusiast, a storage unit is a wonderful space to set up a train set where friends or dads and sons can spend time together.

These are just five of the many innovative ways that you can put a storage unit to work. A storage unit can become a great canvass where you can create your dream space to do the things you love.

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