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Crowdfunding for SARS

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SARS, meaning severe acute respiratory syndrome is a respiratory illness that didn’t always exist. It only surfaced in 2003 in China, cause be a coronavirus (SARS-CoV) that exists in bats and palm civets in Southern China. Soon after it spread to 26 other countries including India. The rapid transmission of this disease is what caught the attention of health authorities in various countries that were at risk of being affected by the SARS epidemic.

Our aim at Impact Guru’s is to encourage a fundraising india that is able to raise money and help sufferers get treated for this deadly diseases before it spreads.

SARS is easily transmittable through crowded environments, close contact, handshakes, coughs, sneezes, or sharing/touching of objects such as utensils, telephones, doorbells etc. The symptoms are usually felt 3 days to a week after a person is infected by the virus. What starts out with a cough or flu may develop into pneumonia, lung infections, then further spread to other organs, and could eventually lead to death. Patients, who are affected by it, might have to be in quarantine to prevent it from spreading further and becoming an epidemic.

Sadly there is no known cure for this disease. What medical professionals can do, is try and manage the symptoms, as well as attempts to fight the infection through potent antivirals. More importantly, the damage caused to other organs too, needs extensive treatment. When the first case of SARS took place in India, the health authorities were not equipped to deal with something that hadn’t happened before.

On the patient’s end, treatment can get extremely expensive, and unaffordable, especially if the person doesn’t have medical insurance. Having to live in isolation, could also cause friends and family to abandon a sufferer, from fear of contacting SARS themselves.

We want to ensure that through a fundraising india’s support, no victim has to suffer alone. Besides, this is a crucial matter that people must be mad aware of, and a crowdfunding campaign is the best way to do it. While there are no known treatment, fundraising may help in so many other ways:

  1. Raise funds to manage the co-morbidities of SARS
  2. Raise funds to afford high quality medications that will prevent it from spreading
  3. Educate people about the importance of a clean environment and sanitation habits
  4. Raise funds to provide sanitation facilities and products in high risk areas
  5. Raise funds for research programs that may be working on developing treatments and vaccinations for the prevention of SARS

 For someone who may be facing isolation or even abandonment, raising funds through a free online fundraising campaign is the quickest and most viable solution to come out of such a predicament. AT Impact Guru, financial help will always be available to those suffering from SARS, or any other medical condition So if you know someone who could use some monetary support, lead them to our website today. Together we can make a fundraising india a healthier India!

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