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Business Trips To Asia That Require A Car – Get The Right Insurance For Your Employees

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A look into Direct Asia’s car insurance – level 3 (ประกันชั้น3) offers a variety of insurance options. Car insurance in Thailand offers 5 levels of protection. Level 3 is the most basic level and covers all the basic legal requirements for driving in Thailand. There are also level 2, level 3+, level 2+ and level 1. If you are renting a car in Thailand please check that the rental company has this basic insurance so you are protected in case of any incidences. If you are buying a car, but you are on a tight budget then level 3 insurance will also give you that peace of mind that if you are involved in a crash or bump, then any legal or medical fees to third-party persons or property will be covered.

Level 3 car insurance

If you are looking for basic cover then you can’t go far wrong with Direct Asia. Being a large and established company you are still able to take advantage of its nationwide hub of repair centers. A smaller insurance company would not be able to offer such a service. On top of this, you can still take advantage of their ‘guaranteed 30 minutes to the scene’ service, meaning a crash scene expert will be at your service within 30 minutes. This is certainly a big benefit for any foreign drivers who don’t speak the local language.

Customer service is important to Direct Asia, and with this, in mind, they ensure their most basic insurance still covers more than the legal requirements. Level 3 insurance with Direct Asia is the equivalent of getting level 3+ from another insurance agent. This means that it is not just third-party protection, but you will have a certain level of protection for your vehicle too.

Direct Asia level 3 Insurance in detail

  • Damage to your vehicle in case of a collision

A maximum amount of 150,000 baht

  • Injury cover to you and others involved

You can claim for a maximum of 1 million baht per person with a maximum of 10 million baht in total, per claim.

  • Damage to third-party property

A maximum amount of 2.5 million baht

  • 24 hr tow-truck service

This service also covers 20% of repair costs

As part of their service, they now offer 2 options on top of the level 1, 2 and 3 insurance policies. Their value plan means that you can have up to 5 names on the policy, basically meaning that a whole family can be insured to drive a vehicle under one insurance policy. If this still isn’t enough, then don’t worry. Direct Asia also have a flexible plan which means that you can have an unlimited amount of drivers, meaning that your car can be insured for anyone who wants to drive it.

Call them or visit their site here ประกันชั้น3 to talk to one of their multi-lingual agents to ensure that you get the right options for your needs.

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