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A Quick Guide to Planning a Promotional Gift Campaign

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Offering a well-considered promotional giveaway to your potential customers is a great way to raise your company profile and remind everyone how fantastic your business really is. So we’ve put together a few quick ideas with our friends at Stitch Embroidery in Garstang to get you started:

  • Work out your promotional message

Promotional campaigns are all about communication so it’s vital you decide early on what message it is that you want to convey and don’t let it get lost or diluted. Use direct language and a good eye-catching headline in your correspondence to really grab peoples’ attention.

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When you’re designing your promotional message, you need to understand your audience demographic and who is likely to be interested in taking you up on the offer. By being totally familiar with your potential customers, you can really target your communications for maximum effect.

  • Decide what you want to give away

It’s easy to become fixated on cool or quirky promotional gadgets, but when you’re choosing an item to give away make sure it communicates your brand and what you’re all about. However, if you’re having your logo added on to a pencil, pen or a bag, make sure that the writing and/or graphics aren’t too “in your face”. In the same way as writing entirely in CAPITALS, if your branding is too big for the item then it looks like you’re shouting.

  • Set a budget

The money you set aside for your campaign should be realistic but still be enough to achieve what you want. To help you decide what a sensible budget will be, it’s a good idea to make return on investment projections, work out sales percentages and similar. The thinking is that by crunching the numbers now, you can decide what you need to make from each customer so you don’t lose out financially.

  • Decide how many promotional gifts you’ll need

When handing out promotional gifts at an event or conference, it’s not always easy to know how many items you should order. Order too many and you’ve spent money you perhaps didn’t need to. Too few and you’ve missed out on potential new customers if you run out. A good rule is to order 10% more than the number of people who are likely to turn up. If your giveaway has a higher perceived value to people, such as sweatshirts or baseball caps, then go for 20% more.

  • Test one out yourself

Try a sample yourself before placing your order. From pens, rubbers and notepads, to t-shirts, mugs and bags, by trying them out yourself you’ll get a much better feel for the size, quality and value of the products. You can also check that they’re definitely the right thing to be giving away, before you actually do it.

  • Think how you’ll measure your success

There’s not much point in running a promotional gift campaign if you don’t know how many new people have used your products or services, or indeed if people thought it was worthwhile. A popular way of doing this is to track your goals and conversion rates using something like Google Analytics. Or you could simply ask your customers what they remember about your message, why they chose to use your business on the back of it, and whether it led to a changed perception towards your brand.

However you go about it, planning a successful promotional gift campaign needn’t be daunting. It’s simply a case of getting creative and spreading the word!

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