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A Guide to Co-working Space and How Shared Offices Can Drive Productivity Levels Up

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As Hong Kong transforms its coworking spaces to accommodate the needs of current industry, the new twist this province is providing are co-working office spaces that accommodate professionals’ flexible schedules and markets outside of those typically drawn to this office format. Among the new populations that find this working style attractive are large corporations, SMEs and start-ups already comprising a good portion of coworking businesses. Even with the popularity of coworking in Hong Kong, one has to wonder how the social aspect of these enclaves impacts productivity levels.

Coworking typically leases the use of space on a pay-as-you-go basis, which saves businesses thousands of dollars yearly. An incentive to these spaces is the networking that takes place, and in Hong Kong’s business climate, this quality is especially important in establishing community connections. The social factor in coworking, in many ways, promotes productivity in these communities.

Keep reading to learn just a few of the ways you can increase your productivity by leasing a coworking space in Hong Kong.

Administrative Tasks

One of the best things coworking has done for the professionals across the globe is it has streamlined many costs. If leasing through traditional means, businesses could easily find themselves spending an inordinate amount of time working on budgets. As opposed to being sent numerous bills every month, businesses can settle their monthly accounts with one bill.

The process of setting up your coworking space is also simplified. As opposed to orchestrating a move to another office, your coworking space is fitted out with most of the equipment you would see in a typical office. For the most part, you can find yourself in a comfortable coworking space soon after signing a contract, and better yet, these spaces lighten the burden of having to move or relocate allowing you to spend more time on your business.

Accessibility To Prime Locations 

Because commercial rents in Hong Kong are increasingly high, smaller outfits typically will get shut out of some of the more prestigious locations in the province. C-working spaces drive the cost of leasing a space down by only charging businesses for the services and amenities they use instead of the use of a building space on a monthly basis, whether they use it or not. In driving costs down, businesses can actually afford to have their outfit located in Kowloon and the Central District. In essence, the co-working space provides businesses with access to valuable resources and high profile people who typically make up the more prestigious business districts.

An Encyclopaedia Of Resources

Within coworking community, professionals have the opportunity to tap into the wealth of resources available to them. Unless working in a niche space, many coworking communities are composed of a diverse array of industries. As opposed to having to hunt down information on any topic, the coworking business can tap into professionals who work right in the vicinity.

Furthermore, with enough networking and social events, you can find your business firmly established in any coworking community. As a resource yourself, your business can find itself in a good position to translate your ideas and innovations into actual collaborations with other professionals from other fields. More significantly, from this well of resources, you can develop valuable mentoring relationships, the key to entering successful relationships in much of Asia.

Producing More Through Co-Working

While social interaction plays a big role in coworking, surprisingly, it positively impacts a business’s productivity by placing professionals in close proximity to the resources they need. This holds true for co-working spaces that make up Hong Kong’s business network. One could actually argue that coworking can establish the foundation from which much your business’s productivity begins.

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