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5 Start-up Ideas for Aspiring Business Owners

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Starting a business is a game of strategy and luck. With technology nowadays, it is easier than ever to start a business that doesn’t even need a huge capital, especially if you’re looking to purchase high-end equipment, such as commercial washing facilities (see: commercial and vended laundry equipment). Here are five of many possible business ideas for you to finally be your own CEO.

Tutorial services sell easily. Start by offering elementary-level services as a way to build your reputation and your confidence. Word of mouth and social media engagement are two effective ways to advertise your services. From there, you can expand not only your network but also your service offerings, slowly delving into more advanced topics and subjects. Don’t forget to make learning a fun and memorable experience, not just for your students, but also for yourself, because learning doesn’t stop after you’ve wrapped up your student life!

Photographers are some of the hottest service providers out there today. From advertisers to future newlyweds, a lot of people today need someone to snap their photos for their many needs. Use your skills in photography and sell your photographs or offer photography services to a wide range of customers, from people handling events to simply people who want to post great photos on their social media account. Again, social media is a friend and a great marketing strategy.

Laundry services

People can sometimes be too lazy to wash their own clothes. Set up shop near universities and residential units in order to tap into the market with ease. It’s also important to purchase affordable equipment for your laundry shop, so as to avoid spending too much of your capital. Here’s an example: an affordable flatwork ironer.

Online selling
Social media networks like Facebook have become hubs for online sellers and re-sellers. Instead of throwing away your old clothes, toys, appliances, and gadgets, put them up for sale online. If you’re crafty and artistic, you can also sell your crafts simply by posting photos on social media. Put all of those items up for sale online and watch the customers come running to you!


If you’re good at something, you might as well earn money from it. offer writing classes, ghostwriting services, and even thesis consultancy services to a wide range of customers, from students to even big companies who are looking to outsource. Even blogging can be turned into a business, as proved by so many up and rising bloggers and influencers from around the world.

The trick to starting a sustainable long-term business without a huge capital is to know your skill set and how to gain from it, having a feasible vision for your business, knowing your audience, and managing your networks for optimum utilization. All businesses start somewhere, and inspirational stories tell us that big businesses usually come from small and humble beginnings. Who knows? You could have the next ultimate success story one day.

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